Gold News: China Situation Affecting Prices
gold bars

There are usually three views on gold.  The first comes from the , and goes like this: “Buy Gold, It’s Going Up!”

The second is from the naysayers, who say , It Has To Go Down.  The  is Gold Is Sometimes Useful But Sometimes Not. Of course, no one wants to see the world economies truly meltdown, because everyone loses in those situations. What we really want is to profit from changing gold prices, whether up or down.  Preferably up, as gold trading tends to have a crummy record on the downside.  So today, let’s look at one of the major supports for gold prices on the downside: China.

Today’s featured article walks through China’s gold situation, and why it’s very likely gold won’t drop because of what’s happening in China.  Read it, then let’s discuss it in the Comments below.

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