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Cattle Market Finished Mostly Lower -

Live cattle futures were mixed, April futures were 45 cents higher, while Dec and Feb posted 15 to 17 cent losses. Feeder cattle futures gave back

Cattle Market is Mixed to Mostly Lower at Midday -

Live cattle futures are mixed, April futures were 30 cents higher at midday, with Dec and Feb posting 17 to 22 point losses. Feeder cattle futures

Cattle Market Holds Premium to Cash Market -

Live cattle futures had gains of as much as 90 cents at the close yesterday. Dec futures were 72 cents higher. Feeder cattle futures gained triple

Cattle Market Up, Feeders Helped by Cheap Corn -

Live cattle futures had posted gains of as much as 90 cents at the close. Dec futures were 72 cents higher. Feeder cattle futures gained triple

Cattle Market is Up on Lower Feed -

Live cattle futures are posting midday gains of as much as 67 cents, they finished the Tuesday session with 12 to 30 cent losses. Feeder cattle

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Pricing Update

We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! There are some major things happening in the feed world that will affect prices. Unfortunately, next week and the weeks to come, you will see significant price increases in feeds and minerals containing vitamins A, E and thiamin. To put this in perspective, vitamin A pricing in June 2017 was $18,000 and today is $236,000. This is a worldwide problem that looks to continue for at least the next 6-8 months.

On October 31, 2017, a BASF plant in Germany that manufactures Citral had a fire. Citral is an intermediate for vitamins A and E, thus cannot be made without the Citral. This German plant controls 75% of the worldwide Citral production so you can see the crisis this has created. These vitamins, specifically vitamin A, will become in short supply with skyrocketing prices. There is a real possibility vitamin A will become unavailable before the plant is functional.

To preserve these vitamin inventories, we will be pulling out vitamin A from our cakes. Custom cake formulas that have a complete vitamin/mineral package we will leave alone. Vitamin levels in minerals will be lowered to meet animal requirements. If you desire higher vitamin levels in mineral, you will need to contact Farmers Ranchers Feed Mill.